Same smiling faces, fresh new name and logo

Our dental practice creates solutions for healthy, happy mouths and smiles. We do this by offering preventive, maintenance, and emergency dental treatments that recognize the connection between dental and general health, quality of life, and personal circumstances. 

Why did we make this change? We believe that Health 360 Dental better reflects our core values as a local dental practice that delivers compassionate care to our clients, not just for beautiful smiles, but for their holistic well being. 

When you visit our office you will see the same friendly dentists, dental hygienists, and staff, with new faces coming on board to support the care of our growing community of clients, all surrounded by our updated look and brand new name. 

We remain a privately and locally-owned dental practice and all of our patients can expect the same level of client-centered care we have always provided from every member of the Health 360 Dental team

We can’t wait to show you our new look the next time you come to see us. 

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