Protect your smile, prevent tooth loss with dental sealants in Chevy Chase, MD

It doesn’t make sense to treat and react when we can prevent and protect. Led by Drs Erick Hosaka and Valerie Cassis, Health 360 Dental in Chevy Chase, MD, is pleased to offer a range of preventive services. Dental sealants may be applied during a routine check-up to prevent one of the primary causes of tooth loss: dental decay. 

Sink your teeth into sealants

Sealants are an apt name; these thin coatings “seal out” all of the nasties that lead to tooth decay. Food debris and harmful bacteria tend to become trapped in the grooved surfaces of the teeth toward the back of the mouth. When this process occurs, harmful acids and plaque flourish. This acidic bath erodes the tooth structure and inflames and breaks down periodontal (gum) tissue. A healthy gummy attachment is necessary to support the structural integrity of our teeth. 

Our dentists may recommend that sealants be applied to premolars or molars. These coatings are made from a non-toxic liquid that is hardened with a special curing light. We apply the liquid on surfaces of the teeth that are clean and dry and that have been “prepared” with a gel that adds texture to the treatment areas. This product helps to support the strongest bond between the sealant and the natural tooth. The finishing touch involves hardening the sealants. It’s as simple as that! Sealants are non-invasive, painless, do not require anesthetic or shots or other sources of dental fear. They can be applied quickly during a regular hygiene appointment, in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of teeth we “seal.” 

Invest in your smile’s beauty and healthy 

Often, we may suggest sealants as a preventive measure just as children’s molars begin to develop around six. We don’t want to allow bacteria, plaque, and tartar to wreak havoc on your child’s teeth and gummy tissues. However, sealants are not just for children and teens. Back teeth can be hard to clean properly and, due to medical conditions that arise over time, there may be challenges to brush and floss them adequately. So, dental sealants can be great preventive options for “children at heart.” 

Preventive services, such as sealants, are not only tooth-preserving, non-invasive, and fast, but they are also of tremendous value. Many insurance plans frequently cover 100% of the cost of preventive products and treatments. No insurance? Not a problem! Health 360 Dental offers a plan that covers routine services for one affordable membership fee each year. Contact us today at (301) 686-5255 to discover the ease of our approach to preventive dentistry.