Tooth truths: Fluoride treatment is a safe cavity-fighter in Chevy Chase, MD

Health departments near Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD, and much farther afield have all referred to the positive impact of water fluoridation on oral health over the past 20-plus years. Data has shown that children who live in fluoridated areas have considerably less “lifetime tooth decay” than those who live in non-fluoridated areas. In addition to being a proven cavity fighter, fluoride treatment at Health 360 Dental is safe, even for school-aged children who most need such protective, preventive services and supplementation as their teeth are developing. Drs Erick Hosaka and Valerie Cassis may apply fluoride during regular check-ups after your minty-fresh cleaning to help fortify your teeth. 

The “basics” about this not-so-basic mineral 

Fluoride is a natural mineral that surrounds us. It is present in numerous substances and products, from soils to plants and foods like grains. The fluoride in our water and other consumables is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure the levels of this mineral remain within a safe range. In addition to being a safe substance, fluoride offers many benefits to patients: 

  • Strengthens the enamel covering of your teeth, which protects the softer inner parts of each tooth from damage. 
  • Preserves natural teeth
  • Reduces the risk of developing early-stage decay (enamel erosion). 
  • Reverses the effects of progressive decay 
  • Halts active disease 
  • Prevents the need for costly, time-consuming restorative care, such as fillings
  • It prevents the loss of a tooth and the need for tooth replacement that may be cost-prohibitive and hastens destructive bone loss. 

Fluoride is also associated with an overall decrease in the risk of bone fractures, which makes perfect sense. After all, our teeth are the strongest substance in the body – even stronger than skeletal bone. If fluoride effectively retains the strength of the teeth, it stands to reason that our bones would benefit. 

Fluoride at the dentist’s office 

We can supplement your intake of fluoride with carefully selected oral care products, including fluoride toothpaste. As a preventive service, our team may apply or prescribe fluoride in various forms, including as a rinse, varnish, gel, or foam. Silver Diamine Fluoride, too, is uniquely formulated to retain its concentration of this beneficial material for maximum effectiveness. All it takes is a small drop of SDF, applied by your dentist or hygienist, to clean and dry teeth that have sustained damage. Overall, it is a fast, non-invasive, gentle, and safe way to remineralize the teeth and help you or a loved one maintain a complete and healthy smile! 

We’re happy to provide a glimpse into fluoride that you can trust from the dental professionals who know best. For more information about fluoride, call us at (301) 686-5255