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Our goal is taking care of you, and focusing on only your needs

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we provide care for you to have a beautiful, healthy and convenient smile

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Trust our warm yet professional dentist in Chevy Chase, Maryland, for care that supports your family’s health

Located in Chevy Chase, Maryland we are close to “it all”; both the hustle and bustle of D.C. and the leafy greenspace and a relaxed vibe are never too far away. We at Health 360 Dental are proud to call the community “home” and to serve so many of our wonderful neighbors and their families. Led by Drs Erick Hosaka and Valerie Cassis, our dentist office is privileged to provide so many services to get the oral care that you need to have a beautiful, healthy smile convenient and stress-free. 

Sink your teeth into just a few of the ways that we stand out favorably from the other options that you have for dental care in our area: 

  • We welcome all of our neighbors – We are proud to be a bilingual practice. You’ll notice the difference on our website home page. You don’t have to rely on poor online translation tools. From the content we place on this site to how we approach and educate our clients, our practice is truly built with patients’ comfort and a pleasant experience in mind.
  • Comprehensive care for all family members and for every phase of life – From dental sealants to protect a developing child’s decay-prone back teeth or dental implant restorations to rebuild a parent’s or grandparent’s teeth, we get great satisfaction from treating patients across the age spectrum. Likewise, our recommendations for hygiene, oral care products, and services are tailored to you and your evolving needs. As new challenges to your good oral health present themselves, you may benefit from oral appliances to reduce the stress placed on the jaw joints from TMJ Disorders or deep cleanings to resolve active or early-stage gum disease and enamel erosion.
  • Sophisticated diagnostics – Advanced technologies, such as intraoral cameras, can accurately and precisely detect “hidden” decay and other early signs of problems. The sooner we can detect and address these problems, the greater the likelihood that the condition can be reversed successfully, and your teeth can be preserved in a gentle and conservative manner. 
  • Myriad options to boost your smile aesthetics – We offer numerous cosmetic services, including in-office whitening that can be completed in a single visit. Our take-home whitening allows patients to get a many shades brighter smile from the comfort of their couch. Likewise, even those treatments that are designed to restore oral health and function are cosmetic in nature. We may recommend Invisalign® as a removable and transparent alternative to traditional silver-hued metal braces.

We also recognize that the cost of care should never be a barrier to a confident smile and excellent oral health. For this reason, we accept many types of dental insurance. In addition, we offer a discount plan that provides generous discounts on many dental services (including exams and cleanings). There is no “fine print” to contend with regarding pre-existing conditions or exclusions, and there are no strings attached. Now that we’ve told you about what makes us different let’s show you! Schedule an appointment at our office today. 

new journey at Health 360 Dental
As we enter a new month we enter a new journey at Health 360 Dental! Where we create solutions for healthy, happy mouths and smiles! We appreciate all the love and the support from everyone!



You can get straighter teeth and correct a “bad bite” without the hassle of traditional braces at Health 360 Dental

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 Dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used to preserve badly damaged tooth structure and It can restores the feel and function of the tooth

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 Dental bridge

Dental Bridges

Drs Erick Hosaka and Valerie Cassis have rebuilt teeth with both “traditional” bridges and “modern” bridges

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 Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

A great smile can speak a thousand positive words. We strive to enhance your smile in healthy ways

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Dr. Erick Hosaka

Dr. Erick hosaka

Dr.Erick A. Hosaka is a fourth generation dentist, passionate healthcare professional, recipient of the topDentists 2014 award in the field of General Dentistry. Dr. Hosaka discovered he shared his ascendants’ passion for dentistry since as early as his childhood years.

Dr. Valerie Cassis

Dr. Cassis works at Health 360 Dental. She chose dentistry because it allowed her to directly help people improve their health while also working with her hands. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine before completing a General Practice Residency at Abington Memorial Hospital outside of Philadelphia. She gives her patients a reason to smile

Dr. Valerie Cassis

Our goal is to listen and treat people’s concerns about their teeth and enhance their lifestyle

Dr. Erick Hosaka treating a patient